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Bible Study Resources
Amazing Facts Bible Studies (non-Adventist)
Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference
Discover Bible Guides in Streaming Video
Discover Online
Focus on Prophecy bible studies
It is Written Online Bible Studies
KidZone VOP Bible Guides
Lifting Up Jesus
Native New Day Online Bible Guides
New Beginnings
Sabbath Truth
The Search for Certainty
Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries

Children’s Resources
3ABN Kids Crafts
Children's Ministries from the General Conference
GraceLink - Beginner (ages 0-2)
GraceLink - Kindergarten (ages 3-5)
GraceLink - Primary (ages 6-10)
PowerPoints - Juniors (ages 10-12)
Real Time Faith (ages 13-14)
Cornerstone Connections (ages 15-18)
Kids Ministry Ideas
Primary Treasure Magazine
Guide Magazine (ages 10-14)
My Place With Jesus (ages 7-12)
Yellowhead Adventurer Club

Sabbath School Resources
GraceLink - Beginner (ages 0-2)
GraceLink - Kindergarten (ages 3-5)
GraceLink - Primary (ages 6-10)
PowerPoints - Juniors (ages 10-12)
Real Time Faith (ages 13-14)
Cornerstone Connections (ages 15-18)
CQ Bible Study (ages 18-35)
Sabbath School University
Adult Sabbath School Quarterly
Sabbath School Network

Other Resources
28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Adventist Church
Adventist Lawyer
Adventist World Statistics
Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries
Canadian Adventist Teachers Network
Canadian Deaf Ministries
Geoscience Research Institute
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty
Sunset Calendar
The Ellen G. White Estate

Media and Broadcasters
Adventist Communication Network (ACN)
Adventist Media Center
Adventist World Radio
Amazing Discoveries
Amazing Facts
Breath of Life Ministries
Faith for Today
Forest Lake Adventist Church
Hope Channel
It Is Written International Television
It Is Written, Canada
Lifestyle Magazine
LifeTalk Radio Network
Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN)
Pioneer Memorial Church
The Evidence
The Quiet Hour
VOAR (Voice of Adventist Radio)
Voice of Prophecy
Adventist Book Center
Adventist Review
Adventist World
Canadian Adventist Messenger
Christian Record Services
Creation Illustrated
Guide Magazine (ages 10-14)
Insight Magazine (for teenagers)
Liberty Magazine
Listen Magazine
Message Magazine
Ministry Magazine
Our Little Friend Magazine (ages 0-10)
Primary Treasure Magazine (ages (0-10)
Review and Herald
Signs of the Times
Vibrant Life Magazine

Community Service - At Home and Abroad
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
ADRA Canada
Adventist Community Services
Adventist Mission
Adventist World Aviation
CHER Canada
Maranatha Volunteers International
Health and Wellness
Whenever you begin a new diet, exercise or health regime, please consult a qualified physician or health practitioner.
Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP)
Depression Recovery
Loma Linda University Medical Center
McDougall, MD
Vibrant Life Magazine
Weimar Institute of Health & Education

Administrative Organizations
Alberta Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists
Seventh-day Adventist Church (world)
Educational Institutions
Coralwood Adventist Academy
Canadian University College
Kingsway College


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